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Words are not enough...

Whoever said 'Words are not enough' was right. Words are not enough; but your portraits that are lovingly shown by Sandy to each of us who are lucky enough to find and patronize Artistic Images are enough. All of them, whether they are hanging on the walls (framed with such talent and care by your Mom, and my friend, Penny), around my neck (or wrist, or finger) or gracing a purse or music box mean so much to me. They are treasure chests of emotion and love, ever evolving with me as I age and learn. They can invoke a smile, a giggle or a tear. The portraits, your works of art, touch my heart, soul, mind and body. From the first time I saw your work at your parents' home I was amazed. I knew your timing was unbelievable, and I thought the portrait I was looking at was the best I had ever seen or would see. That was in the early 90's. As you know ever since that remarkable day you have taken portraits of our family, our celebrations, our children's weddings, and our pets. You've been there through our emotional roller coaster of life and I believe I'm crazy to think so, but I think you are still getting better. And, OMG you are! I can't forget your staff, what can I say, they are each amazing. So, for now, my friend, I'll simply say, "God bless you" and "thank you" for the memories and the emotions I feel when I see your artwork. Thank you.Nita

From a friend...

Dear Trey and Elizabeth,I wanted to take just a minute to say how much I appreciated everything you did for us. It is strange being on the other side of the camera. It is not my favorite place. I managed to survive and am so happy that we were able to do it.I can't even begin to tell you how much the images already mean to me, and the rest of my family. As I sit here 1,000 miles from home, they take on a special meaning and are even that much more valuable to me.Since I will only see my wife and kids for a few days over the next 8-10 months, these images are my window into the life I am working towards, and my motivation to keep going. I could spend pages telling you how appreciative I am, but I will spare you the rambling.I will just say to you, Thank You.Robert Townsend fellow photographer, friend, Air Force Officer

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