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About our Portraits

As a respected art form, photographic portraits can be found in museums, offices and homes throughout the world. Design professionals often recommend the display of portraits to enhance the personal warmth and style of a home or office.

To create a beautiful portrait that is not only highly interpretative, but also achieves the status of art requires more than technical skill. A special rapport must be created between you and your photographer. This rapport will allow you and your family to relax and be yourselves.

Lifestyle portraits include your environment: the things you love to do, your interests or hobbies, places you like to go, or wherever you have favorite memories. Perhaps it's at your home, your ranch, your boat, or by the river. By including the environment, your portrait will tell a story of who you are, of the relationships among family members.

Your portrait will allow you to remember the special loved ones in your life as they are today. As with most cherished memories, your appreciation and enjoyment of your portrait will grow with each passing year.

Elizabeth's Lifestyle Portraits are truly portraits of the heart, and for the heart.

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